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Horny Toad

Clothing for your everyday of running errands and driving the kids around. A customer favorite- Horny Toad blends a soft ruggedness with practicality and style. As they say, live toadally!

Karen Kane

A lifestyle band synonymous with style, comfort and sophistication. Karen Kane designs clothing for the active, fashion conscious woman. From basic layering pieces to evening wear, Karen Kane has you covered, Proudly made in the USA.

Lilla P

Lilla P is a collection of tees and dresses that is known for its clean lines, luxurious fabrics and impeccable fit. If you want the perfect tee, buy a Lilla P!

Nic & Zoe

A sportswear line designed by Dorian Lightbown. Affectionately named after her two children, the line is fun, chic and wearable. Her passion for knitwear, feel-good fabrics and great skirts is the very heart & soul of the collection.

Elana Kattan

Dresses and separates designed by Elana Kattan. Beautiful one-of-a-kind prints and solids in stretch fabrics that flatten a woman’s body.

Joseph Ribkoff

An extensive line of versatile dresses and separates for all occasions, day or evening. The designs reflect and understanding of fashion trends and customer preferences in key markets all over the world. So recognizable, we commonly hear, “That must be a Ribkoff” from its loyal clientele.


Aventura offers comfortable clothing and accessories with unique details for those with an attitude for adventure. It is designed by women for women who want fun and functional clothing with a great fit.